Hi there!
I'm Scottie, and this is my site.
My Story
Early Life
I grew up a bit in Tennessee, North Carolina, Korea, and Florida - with the majority of my childhood spent in North Carolina. My parents were bigger nerds than I was and are still eating canned goods they stockpiled in advance of the 2000 crisis. I was homeschooled with my two younger sisters and didn't get out much. #farmLife
West Point/The Army
I got accepted to, and graduated from, the United States Military Academy at West Point. Since I'm elaborately lazy and loathe structured environments I graduated with a 2.7. Winning.

I kicked ass as an officer, because I didn't respect authority for authorities' sake - I was there to win, and to support my troops no matter what. In retrospect, what happened next was a good thing, as I wouldn't have made it in the political environment officers need to thrive in later on.

As a young officer I was training for a special forces role and ranger school by snowshoeing in -40 (near Granite Tors, Alaska). Got lost by following a dumb moose and ended up with 5th degree frostbite. Ended up losing some digits and getting retired out of the Army. Fail.
Corporate Nerd Herd
I ended up selling chemicals in the oil and gas industry for a while. Pretty decent living, until the industry took a nose dive bigger than Bill Cosby's popularity.
Digital Slomad
I moved to Puerto Rico and tried to become a social media marketer. Bad idea. Moved to Medellin, Colombia, because it was cheap there and I wanted the experience. While there, I founded and promptly ran into the ground an SEO agency. Learned a lot!
Then I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to learn how to sail while I was working on my skills. I've competitively raced now, and still do on occasion.
I'm running growth programs for several startups, and in a bootcamp for fullstack javascript programming at nights. I'm particularly interested in the intersection of design and persuasion.
Drop me a line: [email protected]